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For an Appliance Outline and Laboratory Cost Estimate AT NO OBLIGATION (Prior to prescribing or for study purposes only)

Longevity and Focus
Ordont is a small, family owned, highly focused custom orthodontic appliance lab. We know most of our customers personally. We believe that it is better to more fully and better serve the needs of fewer numbers of customers, rather than trying to be all things to a huge number of customers. And, even though we have purposely chosen to stay smaller, our professionalism and the quality of the products and services we provide, rival any that you will find anywhere - including the largest labs in the country.

We believe in staying focused on the simple orthodontic appliance needs of general dentists. Therefore, serving the orthodontic appliance needs of general dentists is our only business. It is all we have done for our more than 50 years in the business - and it is all we will ever do.

Our Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy is very simple:

Provide the highest quality appliances, that perfectly fit your model or impression, delivered when promised, at a reasonable price
Support you with only the most experienced custom appliance design and pre and post treatment consultation available. (Our technicians average 19 years of experience!)
Provide outrageous levels of personalized customer care and support—which includes answering all phone calls personally and promptly, and when necessary returning your very important call the same day

Experienced, “No Charge” Case Consultation
Our current customers all tell us that one of the most important aspects of our service is our experienced, FREE case consultation—this is especially true if you are new to the practice of preventive orthodontics.

Our technicians average nearly 20 years of direct technical experience. Chances are that we have seen and helped solve a similar problem before, and may have an ideas or two on how to approach your patients’ case.

Our team would be honored to be considered as a resource to you and your team. And, while, our technicians are obviously not dentists, they have had the benefit of talking with thousands of dentists about thousands of cases.

And, you can always count on being treated with the utmost respect—the respect that a professional of your stature and accomplishment deserves.

FREE Access to Our Problem/Solution Series
Ordont was the first preventive ortho appliance lab to offer its clients access to advice through its innovative Problem/Solution series. Access to the Problem/Solution series is provided FREE to all Ordont customers.

The series provides ideas, solutions, and “how to” advice on a variety of the most common preventative orthodontic problems. Click HERE for a sample…

Fast, FREE, Thorough, Same Day Design
and Estimate Service

While our business philosophy is decidedly “old-fashioned”, we utilize some of the most advanced technology available, such as scanners and electronic mail, to help us quickly design an appliance to satisfy your prescription requirements, and return an estimate to you—usually within a few hours of receiving your Rx. And, when you receive an estimate, it will be accompanied by pictures and a complete set of treatment notes, suggestions, and instructions. Click HERE for an RX form and FREE postage paid label…

Experienced Help—When YOU Need it
We know how busy you are, and we are committed to helping you with any question or issue, while taking as little of your scare and valuable time as possible.

We still answer every phone call personally. We are almost always able to put you in immediate touch with an experienced technician who has the knowledge and ability to answer your question—when you need the answer. And, if a call back is necessary, we guarantee that your important call will not be lost in some “voice mail jail”, but rather it will be handled personally, and you will be called back—usually within in a few minutes, but never more than a few hours.

Our History… and Our Future
Ordont has been providing orthodontic appliances to general dentists for more than 50 years.

Started by Leonard Ruzicka, in 1949, company has grown steadily from a small one man operation, to a company that currently serves the needs of over 2,000 general dentists throughout the United States. The company is now owned and operated by its founder’s son, Paul Ruzicka, a certified dental technician, who himself has been working in the business for more than 30 years.

Consistently a leader in the industry, Ordont was first to provide many of the services that are now common practice among other labs:

  • Heat cured appliances
  • FREE Lending Library and Problem/Solution series on orthodontics for general dentists
  • FREE postage-paid mailing boxes (since 1950)
  • Toll FREE Hot Line (since 1972)

Ordont is committed to maintaining its smaller and more personal nature, and remains faithful to its focus and purpose—to help the general dentist provide superb orthodontic care to their patients with quality, custom, fairly priced orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic appliances are our only business and will always be our only business.

However, that does not mean that the company does not embrace the use of technology to improve its service and reduce prices to the profession. On the contrary, Ordont continually searches for and implements new ways of serving its clients’ needs even better.

Ordont continues to upgrade its production and technology infrastructure to better serve its customers needs—always making sure that the technology we incorporate does not force a customer to use it or does not replace the “human touch” that has been a company hallmark since its beginning.

Many new technology based services are planned, such as:

  • Web based estimate/order tracking system
  • Emailed status updates

Because of our focus and commitment to service, and our unwavering application of the business philosophy that has served the company and its clients so well for over 50 years, you can count on Ordont to be there for you and your clients for the next 50 years. And because, of our commitment to always looking for a better way to do something, you can count on Ordont to deliver consistent quality, in the most cost effective and timely manner.

And, you can always count on being treated with the utmost respect... the respect that a professional of your stature and accomplishment deserves.

Paul Ruzicka - President of Ordont Orthodontic Lab
Paul Ruzicka, CDT
President of Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Lab

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