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Combines the Benefits
of Two “Tried and True” Appliances Into One!

Ordont's Fixed JackCoil Distalizer and Adjustment WrenchesWhat It Does
Regains and maintains space of
a mesial drifted molar

Benefits to You
Fewer adjustments — Reduced
chair time, and cost and hassle
associated with scheduling
office visits
Reduced potential for appliance
damage due to removal for
adjustments — common with coil
spring only appliances

Benefits to Your Patient
Fewer office visits
Reduced treatment time

Patient Profile
Adult or child
Patient for whom a removable appliance is not accomplishing
treatment objectives due to patient non-compliance

Combination 120 thread/inch jackscrew and titanium coil
spring provides:
- Gentle, precise, minute adjustments
- Reactivation of the coil spring without appliance removal
Includes adjustment wrenches

The Ordont JackCoil Distalizer combines the best features and
benefits of two tried and true distalization appliances into one innovative appliance!

In the past, there were two common approaches to molar distalization. One way utilized an appliance that featured a jackscrew assembly. The other method utilized a titanium coil spring. Both had drawbacks.

The jackscrew approach required the use of heavy forces and
frequent adjustments —and eliminated the need for appliance removal. The coil spring approach, while accomplishing movement with a light, gentle force, had to be removed to reactivate the spring in order to continue the course of treatment.

The Ordont JackCoil Distalizer combines the benefits of the jackscrew approach—no removal required to continue treatment with the benefits of a coil spring—light, gentle force and more precise control of tooth movement.

How it Works
The Jack Screw appliance can be placed one week following the application of the separating wire. This opens the contact points for band placement. Petroleum Jelly is placed in the tube and on the coil spring section before cementing. At this visit, the nuts can be kept loose to allow the patient to become accustomed to the appliance and to avoid fracturing the cement.

When the patient returns, using two wrenches, the nut nearest the
tube can be turned gently until it compresses the coil spring. While holding the first nut, lock the second nut. At each visit of the patient, (usually once a month) unlock the nuts (two wrenches). To continue the intermittent pressure, turn the first nut one turn against the coil spring. While holding the first nut, lock the second nut against it. One complete turn of the nut will increase the space 1/4 millimeter. After the space has been opened, the nuts can be locked and the appliance
can retain until the permanent tooth has erupted.

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